How to Choose Ben Nye Powder For Your Skin

How to Choose Ben Nye Powder For Your Skin

Ben Nye was an eminent makeup artist for the Hollywood film industry stretching out more than four decades from the 1930s to the mid 1980s. He worked for such movies as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), “Gone with the Wind” (1939), “Miracle on 34th Street” (1947), “The Fly” (1958), “Valley of the Dolls” (1967), “Planet of the Apes” (1968) and “The King and I” (1956). As he resigned he made the Ben Nye Makeup Company.  Even today his child Dana Nye, CEO of the Nye Makeup Company, proceeds with his recognized notoriety of the cosmetic line and makeup artistry.

In this moment, everyone admire this magnificent powder known as the Banana Powder. Though sometimes people got confused about how to choose Ben Nye Powder type for their skin. Which one will be better. And I will tell you one thing thing that it fully depends on how you want you to be look like.

Lets be realistic like or hate Kim Kardashian there’s no denying her cosmetics is faultless and that form and under eye highlight? Just go for it! So in my reader I’m certain you have run over this! The one specific powder known as the Ben Nye Banana Powder? Yes! I suspected as much, let’s explore it together.

Types of Ben Nye Powders

Ben Nye Powders are in two categories: Luxury and Classic (Luxury is in two type also) which here and there show up as 3 categories however when I explore it I discover that it’s simply the two categories.


These are silken translucent shades that give a complete matte with only a clue of color. They hold the power of brilliant and dark shades. Its uncommon cosmetics equation controls sweat, making this ideal for energy entertainers, for example, jokesters or artists.

Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder 3 Oz Neutral Set Face Powders


This is formally known as Visage Poudre Luxury powder and is a ultra unbiased powder which give unrivaled matte and unobtrusive finishing. It is also being contrasted with French powders with silky-fine textures. They are small scale processed free powders in Bella Series for light-medium skintones and the Mojave Series for medium-dim skin tones with hints of color.

Size of the Powders

They come in 3 sizes:

  • 0oz/85gm sifter bottle
  • 8oz/226gm jug no sifter
  • 5oz/42gm sifter bottle

Difference Between the Two Powder

What’s the distinct difference between the two powders? Both are simply powders with different colors.

The Classic Translucent Face Powders are a great deal darker and I’d say heavier. The Luxury Face Powders are all the more finely processed and sheer. This is the BIG DIFFERENCE. The Classic powders is utilized for expert application – think performance/ dramatic/movie cosmetics so you wouldn’t have any desire to wear them every day, all things considered (you can if you like); whereas

The Luxury reach is marginally done in a quiet or simple way making them suitable for special events, photograph shoots or marriage and even wearable for consistently if you apply them effectively and lightly, they in this way give you the resilience, perfection and aftereffects of an expert application.

Lists of Classic Translucent Powders

Maintain, Enhance and improve the intensity of skin tone

  • Neutral Set Translucent Powder: This is a dry powder that mixes with all skin tones. It’s an unquestionable requirement to set brilliant or dim shades to hold color. Its exceptional controls sweat, making this a great ideal for high energy entertainers, for example, comedians or artists. No color adjustments.Ben Nye Translucent Fair Powders
  • Super White Powder: This is the only Ben Nye’s non-translucent powder that contains a splendid white color to light up, Porcelain, White, Geisha and other reasonable shades.
  • Fair Translucent Powder: It is an inconspicuous peach-tone mixes actually with reasonable, peach and pink skin tones.
  • Pretty Pink Translucent Powder: It warms colorless tones and includes a solid glow translucent pink.
  • Topaz Translucent Powder: It is an inconspicuous shade for olive- brown compositions with brilliant subdued tone of color. Good on natural lighter and olive colors of the Sahara Series and neutral
  • Coco Tan Translucent Powder: This is another enhanced Shade! The Warm olive-tan actually supplements mid-brown
  • Sienna Translucent Powder: This is a rich, brilliant brown color facilitated flawlessly with good skin tones. It also deep Sahara shades.
  • Chestnut Translucent Powder: Neutral brown translucent warm with a brilliant caramel mahogany tint.
  • Sable Translucent Powder: It is a profound brown and it has red mahogany tint.
  • Ebony Translucent Powder It is a profound darkest nonpartisan brown.

Lists of Luxury Face Powders

1.   BELLA Luxury Face Powders

It decreases shine and improves light, set foundation and enhances medium skin tones translucent with hints of color.

Series of BELLA Luxury Face Powder

  • Cameo: this is a translucent pink beige.
  • Buff: This is a translucent beige and it has pink tones.
  • Beige Suede: is a translucent beige and it has brown tones.
  • Banana: is a translucent beige and it has yellow tones.

2. MOJAVE Luxury Face Powders

It decreases shine and improves olive, enhances brown skin tones translucent without a hint of white cast or chalkiness and Set foundation.

Series of MOJAVE Luxury Face Powder

  • Camel: It is a translucent yellow golden tan.
  • Dolce: is a translucent orange golden tan.
  • Olive Sand: is a translucent profound warm tan.
  • Clay: It is a translucent golden profound tan.
  • Nutmeg: It is a translucent golden orange dim tan.
  • Dark Cocoa: It is a translucent warm profound dark tan

This is the area where Ben Nye powders truly proved to be useful, and why it’s so famous is a direct result of their glow, hint, shade and quality formula, they’re not just giving a scope of different shades of powder to suit all skin tones yet they match and mix exceptionally well. And that is the reason why they are so famous with darker skinned women. Specifically Banana powder has turned into the most famous alternative since it mixes so well and suits even the darkest skin tone. That is the manner by which the Ben Nye rave all began in the magnificence blogosphere.

Qualities of Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder

It leaves the skin looking impeccable, yet shows up good normal looking. The skin is smooth, leveled out and it likewise minimizes the presence of pores. Costume specialists; particularly for wedding clients utilize this as it holds costumes together, controls shine and doesn’t modify the color at all because of the translucent property. It’s a standout amongst the most raved about setting powders now since it mixes beautifully from the most attractive of appearances to the most profound one. It has the capacity to control oil/sweat means you can be on your body throughout the day.

Qualities of Banana Luxury Powder

Presently, almost everybody’s setting powder for under eye concealer paying little heed to skin color! The Banana powder is a clique item now on account of it’s yellow tone, enhancing makeup to seem more natural and brighter for darker and tanned women. This as well as the impact of dark circles, veins in red, blue and purple begin to show up thus the yellow in the Banana powder implies that when you use it, it lights up the eye part and give a neutralize impact to the dark part of the body. A significant cool powder truly particularly for those feared under eye circles.

It works, it looks great and the yellow in this Banana powder compliments tanned appearances a lot. It’s well known for this reason!

Qualities of Beige Suede Luxury Powder

Beige Suede is a piece of the Bella categories and it’s a flawless match. It might seem lighter however it adjusts to skin color so well. It’s beige with brown tones and the way that Luxury powders mix so well settled on this a surprisingly better decision for everyone.

In view of it being mix capable sheer and a flawless match you can utilize this single-handedly to set your foundation and you don’t need neutral set for your ordinary costumes plan. Beige Suede is so finely processed and light weight that when you use it. It actually softens into your skin, continues everything looking matte and perfectly finished. This excessively like the other two powders is long wearing and exceptionally normal looking to the point where you really needn’t bother with bronzer to tone down your foundation.

Which one is Good for Your Skin?

The main eminent contrast in the between Classic and Luxury powders is their texture and scope. Where one is lighter the other is heavy. Right now, you can attempt the Powders in order to test the hues to see what matches you. And you will find that it’s effortlessly accessible to swatch and purchase.

If you can get hold of a Classic Translucent Powder (Topaz which I like to always use) go and buy it for that dolled up, heavy and charming look! However, if you could manage to accomplish a theatrical season TV film costumes, give it a go. Also, if the Classic Powder gives that sort of completion then you will without a doubt intrigued!

The Luxury Powders are by a long shot the most well known range and turning out to be more accessible. These too are translucent as I specified yet a considerable measure lighter and sheerer so for daily use. They are impeccable and a great deal more wearable every day in contrast with Classic Powders. The way that these scopes of mainstream powders are part into two ranges straight away makes it less demanding to distinguish which one would be suitable for you. Bella – for lighter to medium skin tones AND Mojave – for dark to profound skin tones.

In the Bella categories:

If you want to use it for light skins with pink tones I would prescribe Cameo and Buff, both of these can be utilized to set and highlight however as you see fit; would work fine and Banana excessively will be good to use lightly yet for some of the yellow may not be so preference. For medium/olive skins I would prescribe the Banana and Beige Suede, if Banana is excessively yellow for you then Beige Suede is an extraordinary option decreases the yellow. This doesn’t mean you can’t explore them all!

In the Mojave categories: If I’m totally faithful this extent is focused for profound tanned and darker skins in this manner giving a more extensive scope of hues in the specific tones of red, orange, yellow, tan and brown. In this extent there is truly no reasonable or light color choices thus for a darker skinned women, my advice would be to search for a match that suits you and one which you are content with. If you are after an under eye highlight from the Bella Series “Banana” is impeccable because the evidence is in the pudding. This specific powder is good for all skin tones! Again this doesn’t mean you can’t explore other powders from the Bella categories.


Ben Nye powders convey warmth to your skins, stay matte and keep you shine for a considerable length of time  as you want – What you should dependably do is to blend it in order to give you what you want!

All Ben Nye powders are generally good and give smooth, matte and faultless skins. They are wearing and lasting, there is clear control of shines and oiliness and you will look beautifully without a white cast in sight and I thing that is the good point for colored skin women that they get a good match from their setting powders.