Banana Powder UK

What is banana powder used for?

Zoe Watson: What is banana powder used for? This was my question! Well when I did my research I discovered it is relatively new and a type of translucent powder that tends to have a yellow hint in which means it is better for women with darker skins. Ben Nye banana powder is amazing and... Read More »

Use of Banana Powder

Annie The use of banana powder is truly amazing in my opinion. I was recommended the product by a friend and ordered some from Amazon. It is a relatively cheap product that actually does what it says it does. The banana powder is brilliant how it evens off your skin colour but without looking too... Read More »

How to Use Banana Powder Makeup

Hannah Reeves how to use banana powder makeup I was so pleased with my new cosmetic find Ben Nye banana powder that I want to tell all of you ladies out there. It is fabulous and really gives a fresh and even skin tone. I watched several You Tube tutorials on how to use it... Read More »

Banana Setting Powder UK: Ruth Brown

The banana setting powder uk product from Amazon was a brilliant buy. I had read a lot about the banana powder and decided to test it for myself. I was totally stunned at what a great job it did. It really reduced my oily complexion and also evened off the colour of my skin tone.... Read More »

Vyomax Milk and Egg Protein Banana Powder 2.5Kg

Vyomax Milk and Egg Protein Banana Powder 2.5KgMark Rogers…When I first purchased I was uncertain of how it would benefit me. I was looking for a protein booster to help me to tone up my muscles and this product seemed to catch my eye.I started taking it exactly as stated and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the... Read More »