Banana Nye Powder

Where To Get Banana Powder

Kerry Powers: I was so pleased when my sister told me where to get banana powder from, Amazon. I had been wanting some for ages after I had tested some of my sisters! She had given me some that was left in the pot, and I wasn’t sure how it would fair. But it worked... Read More »

Buy Ben Nye Banana Powder UK

There is now a healthy supply of companies where you choose to buy Ben Nye banana powder UK products and we are providing this list to help you find the best seller for your Ben Nye products from within the... Read More »

Where Can I Find Banana Powder?

Jennie Smith: Thanks so much, I wondered where can i find banana powder, and then came across it by accident on Amazon. I had heard good reviews about the Ben Nye banana powder and was desperate to try it out. I had problems with an oily T zone and dark lines under my eyes! This... Read More »

What is Banana Powder for?

Kate Glenn What is banana powder for? Was the question I asked my friend and she told me it is a great solution to an oily complexion, which I tended to have. Anyway, all the hype is true and it really does help keep a shiny complexion under control. It is also good as it... Read More »

Nye Banana Powder Review: Lisa Burrows

Lisa Burrows Nye Banana Powder Review I just wanted to write a Nye Banana powder Review to say to anyone considering trying it to give it a go it is fabulous! What an easy cosmetic to use, which works so well covering all sorts of imperfections! It is inexpensive and there is tons of information... Read More »

Nye Banana Luxury Powder: Katie Charles

Katie Charles Nye Banana Luxury Powder A friend recently gave me the nye banana luxury powder for my birthday and I was so happy with the results. The powder is like a miracle and helps reduce the reddish tones that I suffer with. It is a great product and is simple to use and really... Read More »

Luxury Ben Nye Powder: Annie Summers

I just wanted to say how happy I was when I used my new luxury Ben Nye powder I bought from Amazon. The product was a help to me as I had a lot of redness in my skin and had heard good reviews about this product so decided to buy some. The product banana... Read More »

Banana Nye Luxury Powder: Kerry Smith

I had read a lot about Banana Nye Luxury Powder, and how well it worked on the famous face Kim Kardashian who advertises it. Unsure whether it was just hype I decided to order some from Amazon. There didn’t seem much in the container but I gave it a try. Well, I have to say... Read More »

Online Bye Nye Banana Powder: Claire Simpson

I recently bought online Bye Nye Banana Powder and it is an amazing product! The makeup is a powder that hides a number of flaws such as open pores, and helps lower reddish colouring and oiliness. Well I suffer from all of these problems and have to say that this powder worked great on all... Read More »

Banana Setting Powder: Leah Wallace

I recently purchased banana setting powder from Amazon and was impressed with the results. I was fed up with my skin tone and my under eye area. I had tried other concealers and powders, but they didn’t work as well as the banana powder. This really gives an airbrushed look and made my skin look... Read More »

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