Banana Luxury Powder

what is banana powder makeup used for?

Alison Evens My question was what is banana powder makeup used for? And my sister answered it that it is great for contouring your face shape, highlighting areas and helping to keep control of oily areas. So don’t be put off if you think it is just an advertisement strategy it is not! It is... Read More »

What is banana powder makeup?

Kerry Williams What is banana powder makeup? Well it is like a translucent setting powder that is finely milled and tends to have a yellow tinge and is great for contouring, highlighting under the eyes and reducing an oily complexion. It is cheap and easily available through Amazon. It is cost effective and suits most... Read More »

What is Banana Powder

Jenny Lewis What is banana powder you can ask; well it is a super fine translucent powder that helps control oily skin and even skin colour. It is a really amazing product and easy to use. It is cheap and easy to order from Amazon. Though there is a lot of advertisement hype around it... Read More »

Ben Nye Luxury Powder: Tracy White

I recently purchased some Ben Nye luxury powder as I had read a lot about it on Amazon. I was happy with the results when I applied the product and it really made a difference and evened off my skin tone and reduced the redness. When applying the banana powder for face redness you only... Read More »

Banana Luxury Powder Review: Laura Bailey

This banana luxury powder review is to let you know that it is an amazing product! The super silky formula is not like anything I have used before. It reduced my prominent pores and the redness that I suffer from. Another great advantage was that it lasted all day without having to redo, which is... Read More »

Banana Powder Makeup Review: Hannah Dyer

I decided to write a banana powder makeup review, just to let you know that it is brilliant! Yes, we always think it is publicity for a famous star like Kim Kardashian, but I have to say it worked so well on my uneven skin tone. Yes, it is actually a powder that evened off... Read More »

Professional Luxury Banana Powder: Kim Love

A friend suggested I use Ben Nye’s banana powder to even off my skin tone. Not one for makeup I was dubious at first but then decided to give it a go when I was off to a relatives wedding and wanted to look my best. I was astounded by the finish. It really worked... Read More »

Ben Nye Professional Banana Visage Poudre Luxury Powder 3oz

Ben Nye Professional Banana Visage Poudre Luxury Powder 3ozHayley Collins… I have used Ben Nye Professional Banana Visage Poudre Luxury Powder on several occasions and I just love this product for its ease of use and its ability to transform the face and eyes in a way that is comparable to celebrity users such as Kim Kardashian and others. I works amazingly when... Read More »