What is Banana Powder for?

Kate Glenn

What is banana powder for? Was the question I asked my friend and she told me it is a great solution to an oily complexion, which I tended to have. Anyway, all the hype is true and it really does help keep a shiny complexion under control. It is also good as it lasts all day and evens skin colour. Banana powder is an affordable product and will appeal to anyone who is searching for a concealer that evens skin tone and keep greasy skin under control. It is easy to get hold of just order from Amazon. It is a product that really does do what it says it does.

What is Banana Powder

Jenny Lewis

What is banana powder you can ask; well it is a super fine translucent powder that helps control oily skin and even skin colour. It is a really amazing product and easy to use. It is cheap and easy to order from Amazon. Though there is a lot of advertisement hype around it with Kim Kardashian, it can be easy to think of it as no good but it is actually brilliant. I have been using it regularly now and it makes my skin look lovely and natural. I would certainly suggest if you have greasy looking skin to try this. It lasts all day and looks so fresh and natural.

Use of Banana Powder


The use of banana powder is truly amazing in my opinion. I was recommended the product by a friend and ordered some from Amazon. It is a relatively cheap product that actually does what it says it does. The banana powder is brilliant how it evens off your skin colour but without looking too heavily made up. I have never before found such a great make up product that is easy to use and really does what it says it does! I would certainly recommend it to anyone and especially if you tend to have an oily complexion it seems to dry it up!!

Nye Banana Powder Review: Lisa Burrows

Lisa Burrows

Nye Banana Powder Review

I just wanted to write a Nye Banana powder Review to say to anyone considering trying it to give it a go it is fabulous! What an easy cosmetic to use, which works so well covering all sorts of imperfections! It is inexpensive and there is tons of information on the internet on how to use it. It is cheap and easy to use and gives great results. I found it lasted ages, which was helpful when I was on long shifts at work. It gave me some added confidence and contoured my face which I loved. It is definitely a must for your make up bag!

Nye Banana Luxury Powder: Katie Charles

Katie Charles

Nye Banana Luxury Powder

A friend recently gave me the nye banana luxury powder for my birthday and I was so happy with the results. The powder is like a miracle and helps reduce the reddish tones that I suffer with. It is a great product and is simple to use and really make a huge difference evening off your skin colour to leave a lovely complexion. It doesn’t get clogged into my wrinkles it just sits naturally on the skin. I would certainly recommend it to any one with slight imperfections. It is a great buy!

Kim Kardashian Makeup Artist Banana Powder

Jen Edwards

Kim Kardashian Makeup Artist Banana Powder

I came some kim kardashian makeup artist banana powder tips, online and found it very helpful in applying the Ben Nye banana powder that had had a lot of hype recently. I had terrible skin with various scarring from teenage acne and an uneven colour tone, and had tried a lot of various concealers that never worked. But, this stuff did the job and really made a difference. It was easy to use after watching some clips on You Tube. I was so pleased and will certainly be buying this regularly now!

Kim Kardashian Banana Powder: Sally Watkins

Sally Watkins

Kim Kardashian Banana Powder

I had seen a lot of the kim kardashian banana powder advertisements and decided to try it for myself. I found it on Amazon and sent for some. I was hoping it worked for me as I had some open pores and dark areas under my eyes. I was excited and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. As kim kardashian always looks so gorgeous I thought I would give it a go. I found it terrific and it made my skin look so bright and fresh and covering my imperfections to leave a smooth and flawless finish. It was easy to apply and lasted a all day. It was certainly worth the money and goes a long way!

How to Use Banana Powder Makeup

Hannah Reeves

how to use banana powder makeup

I was so pleased with my new cosmetic find Ben Nye banana powder that I want to tell all of you ladies out there. It is fabulous and really gives a fresh and even skin tone. I watched several You Tube tutorials on how to use it and I found with a damp make up sponge the best but it is down to personnel choice. All in all it works and gives a great finish. You don’t need much to look good and I found I didn’t spend all day touching up so it goes a long way! Simply brilliant and worth every penny!

Banana Powder Kim Kardashian: Katie Turner

I had seen lots of advertisement for the famous banana powder Kim Kardashian promotes and decided to see if it was as good as she suggested. Wow! It was brilliant! I ordered it from Amazon and gave it a try. The powder is a setting powder and has a tiny hint ofBen Nye Luxury Banana Powder 1.5oz ~ Wedding ~ Professional Make-up ~ BV-0 by Ben nye yellow and really concealed the dark areas under my eyes. I also noticed it reduced some of my blotchy red areas on my cheeks without having to re do all of the time. I think it is helpful in reducing the oil in skin too, as I have a tendency to have oily skin and this helped a lot.

Luxury Ben Nye Powder: Annie Summers

I just wanted to say how happy I was when I used my new luxury Ben Nye powder I bought from Amazon. The product was a help to me as I had a lot of redness in my skin and had heard good reviews about this product so decided to buy some. The product banana powder and how to use it is easy, simply use a brush or make up sponge and use a small amount at a time and blend in the areas to even off the skin tone, or use it to highlight dark areas. It goes a long way so, is worth the cost.