Ben Nye Concealer Wheel

Ben Nye Concealer Wheel

Ben Nye Concealer Wheel

Ben Nye Concealer Wheel



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            • Good product for the price
            • very useful for covering blemishes
            • not tested on animals and contains no animal products
            • non allergenic
            • handy size for the handbag


            • Can be difficult to find in shops

            Ben Nye Concealer WheelAllecia Coletrane…

            Take a look at this Ben Nye Concealer Wheel and you just won’t believe what you’re seeing! This colour wheel has it all and it’s an all round tool kit for the face. If you need to cover a scar, tattoo or unsightly looking veins, this new state of the art product is for you. The wheel is split in into a choice of 4 different shades of perfectly¬†blendable colours.

            The primary intention of this product is to use as a repair kit for concealing and correcting impurities of the skin. That is exactly what it does make no mistake.

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            My experience about I bought Ben Nye Concealer Wheel

            my Ben Nye Concealer Wheel just over 7 months ago and it’s still going strong. I’ve always suffered from the dreaded bags under the eyes and in the past I have tried everything from cold cucumber and soggy tea bags under my eyes to expensive cosmetic stuff that has claims of being almost magic. Sadly nothing worked until I tried the concealer wheel from the Ben Nye labs. I found it to be very simple to apply and fantastic results are quickly achieved without fuss.

            Added to its great ability to conceal problems with the skin it also has the added benefit of being able to blend almost any skin shade to give you the perfect colour.

            I bought it initially to help hide a tattoo that I have so I could attend a job interview. I was nervous in case it let me down by coming off during the interview. However, I was truly thankful that this product was 100% reliable all day long.

            I would certainly recommend that if you’re looking for a product you can rely on then purchase a Ben Nye Concealer Wheel, it’s very reasonably priced and it won’t let you down.


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