Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder 42gm/1.5 oz Review

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder 42gm/1.5 oz Review

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder 42gm/1.5 oz

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder 42gm/1.5 oz



    Value For Money


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        Easy of Use


          Overall Customer Satisfaction



            • Good value for money
            • Does exactly what it says
            • Kind to the skin
            • Long lasting


            • Better for med and darker skin
            • Mainly for around the eyes

            Ben Nye Banana Luxury PowderKerry Martina…

            This luxury banana powder worked so great on my skin that I just had to share my experience with others. It gives me the best skin tone that I’ve ever had and it stays on longer than anything else that I’ve used previously.

            I would probably agree with some that it is more effective on medium to darker skin but it’s still good for most tones. A girlfriend used some of my powder and she has a very white complexion. The Ben Nye powder left her skin looking quite yellowish. I think that many people don’t seem to realise that the colour of this powder is banana and that is what colour you will be applying to your skin.

            Go for Cameo Ben Nye Powder if you have very pale skin, that’s my advise.

            Overall I am very satisfied with Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder and when I run out I will definitely purchase more. In my honest opinion it deserves all the hype that it’s receiving.

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